2017: FOCUS

One of my goals for 2017 is to keep my inbox under 10,000. Ridiculous, I know. It scares me to know how I got to 11,226: I obviously said “yes” to giving my e-mail too many times when I could’ve easily said “no” while checking out at a store, or I signed up for some online deal, rewards points or coupon, and “they” probably shared my information even further.

Thank God for gmail which makes a valiant attempt to automatically sort my mail out into at least three categories, but I can’t completely rely on gmail to be responsible for me – only I can go through the e-mails and discern what is really important.

Like my inbox, life can easily get cluttered by “yeses” to cheap things that may not really be worth it. I’m left with the task of spending way too much time having to clean up extra after myself and “real” e-mails become much harder to fish for when sandwiched between Macy’s, Pinterest and Facebook notifications. Worse yet, I might accidentally throw them out with the rest of the bathwater.

When I decide to say “yes” to the wrong things, I become distracted by stuff and the things that actually matter suffer: relationships, taking care of myself, and the worst – my walk with Christ.

That’s when things really feel out of control.

So I invite you to join me in 2017 to cut the clutter and shift our focus back to Christ – God will take care of the rest.

Happy New Year and God bless your 2017!







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