Sunrise Yoga

One of my kindred spirits also happens to be named Amanda and we’re fundamentally two peas in a pod about a lot of things. We’re opposites in many respects as well though – she’s blonde, I’m brunette. She’s East Coast, I’m West Coast (BEST coast, in my opinion). She’s vegetarian, I’m practically meatatarian. Oh and the biggest difference – she’s a cat person and I’m a dog person, but we don’t hold that against each other.

Cat and Dog Theology – makes sense to me!

Once, my 7-year-old niece Khloe nicknamed us “Queen L” and “Queen D” as she slathered on a bottle of SPF 50 on our legs as we were lying by the pool. Amanda and I looked at each other a little confused and asked her what that meant. “Yoh Queen Light and yoh Queen Dahk!” Of course. I am several shades tanner than my flaxen-haired friend.

A few things Amanda and I do mutually love are Jesus, coffee, and talking about Jesus/life over coffee. One morning this week met up at Starbucks which was a treat; Amanda is a very “in demand” person whose schedule is jam-packed with action every minute because she’s a wonderful friend, an incredibly talented person, and a highly successful career woman.

Amanda was in the middle of telling one of her classic stories in only a way that she can, painting a vivid picture of the events that took place with her impressive vocal range and dynamics (One of my favorite things about her!). I sat on the edge of my seat as she was approaching the crux of her story…

Tuesday after work she had tried to go to Barre class but the fire alarm in the building went off so she ended up going home. Wednesday morning she got up at 5 a.m. to get to yoga, the only thing that fit her schedule, still hoping to get a challenging morning workout to kick off her day.

I got there and the instructor was like, “Welcome to ‘Sunrise Yoga’!” You know, gentle yoga! For old people! I didn’t pay for that!

We burst out laughing at the irony of the situation – it was the exact opposite of what she was hoping for: instead of trekking Kilimanjaro she was forced to lay on the beach in Naples, FL and maybe switch positions once or twice.

Amanda, maybe the best thing you can do in that situation is to just be there, embrace it, and laugh about it later…

It seemed to me that God was divinely intervening, giving her space to breathe and recoup from her busy schedule. Amanda and I both tend to run ourselves into the ground because we – or at least I – thrive (and pride myself too much) on being productive and having a full schedule.

Then it hit me: this season right now is my “sunrise yoga”, and I’m not very good at or patient with it either. I’m only recently realizing that these months of waiting and unexpected calm are actually God’s grace, teaching me how to breathe not just for survival, but for refreshment and life.

Lord, thank You “sunrise yoga”. Teach me to rest in You as You use this time to inspire me.

❤ amanda mae








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