April Adventure: #Vlog2Blog

Saturday morning Nick and I decided to make these delicious little ham and egg cups from a video he saw on Facebook. Super easy and I’d highly recommend it!

As we were munching on these delectable little goodies, Nick said he had another video type idea for my blog. He’s a lot more “hip” when it comes to knowing what the latest media trends are and he suggested doing a vlog – the choppy kind like the all the YouTube sensations are doing these days.

I looked up a couple and most of the ones I found were about random things, losing weight or putting on makeup. I’m definitely not the one to speak into losing weight as my theory (in short) is “Extra cookie? Extra mile!” and my makeup skills aren’t anything special. The random stuff though? I can definitely handle that!

My biggest reservations about doing the vlog are:

a) I hate how I look/sound on video (Someone at a drive-thru once told me I sounded like Bambi’s mom which she said was cute – I guess…?).

b) My blog is about some hard stuff sometimes and these vlogs all seem to be lighthearted and funny… Hmm…

c) This makes me feel incredibly naked – and scared.

I’m still not sure how this will all tie in together but I’m all about trying new things anytime a “new” anything rolls around (e.g. New year, birthday, new season, new month, etc.). It’s spring and it’s April, so here we go!

You can check out my 60-second vlog on Instagram (@ohmagadia, #vlognblog) where I post a question to you at the end, which I hope to respond to either in the next vlog or blog.

I’d also love to hear your ideas about how I can make this work! Thanks for your input!

❤ amanda mae


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