An “A” Day

Lately I’ve been desperate for the beach, but Radnor Lake is the closest body of water to where we live and I thought it might satisfy my craving. I decided to take my camera on a field trip yesterday hoping to capture some epic shots; well, definitely no beach and no epic shots, but I certainly enjoyed my time and learned a lot.

I promise it’s much more beautiful in person – but still very green.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and the weather was perfect – just enough sun and a (relatively) dryish breeze for May in Nashville. Lighting was pretty good – at least it was to me, an amateur who barely picked up the camera just a few days ago (What do I know?).

This shot looked a whole lot better in my mind. So much to learn…

As I was hiking I noticed some other people with cameras and felt a little less awkward and a little more bold. Glad I wasn’t the only nerd! I don’t usually care too much about how people perceive me but for some reason wearing a camera around my neck makes me feel really self-conscious (Although I don’t mind contorting my body and spending several minutes with my iPhone trying to capture the perfect shot in public. Weird!).


Got on the ground for this one. This looked so cool in real life and on my camera’s little screen though! 😦

I realized I suck at sucking – or, put a little more gracefully – I tend to beat myself up over something I’m new and not very good at. Buuuut… I can honestly say I liked 2.5 out of over 50 shots I took in manual mode (A big victory for me.)! That’s about 5% of the shots I took, which is better than 0%!

My face was all up on this bee! I guess the camera also makes me fearless…?!
I know this is missing something, but I’m at least happy with the lighting.
Probably used the wrong lens for this but I think with the right one it’s kind of a cool concept.

Overall there was a little progress, a lot of joy, and some dehydration from being so in the zone and getting carried away for a couple hours.

I’d say it was an “A” day, and I think I’m gonna keep doing this.

❤ amanda mae


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