Downtown Franklin

Before Nick and I moved to Nashville five years ago I had never even heard of Franklin, TN. But since we’ve lived here it has gotten pretty hyped up – according to, Franklin is #15 on the “2017 Top 100 Best Places to Live” (in the US). Not bad for a small landlocked town in Tennessee! Justin Timberlake must’ve agreed: he bought property here a couple years ago and is producing and headlining Pilgrimage Festival literally two miles from our house later this year. Pretty exciting stuff!

The Visit Franklin, TN shop is open Sundays and the people there are great resources

I love Historic Downtown Franklin and all of our cute boutique shopping. I love/hate that shops close at 5 or 6 p.m. during the weekdays, and that many stores are closed altogether on Sundays. I think it’s sweet living in such a wholesome family oriented town but it does make getting stuff done a little challenging sometimes!

Had The Registry not been closed I probably wouldn’t have noticed this stunning doorknob

But yesterday definitely worked in my favor. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the perfect afternoon to go on an “artist date” with my Canon!

Was strolling along Main Street and passed this cute display at Jondie

It’s probably better that I didn’t have the chance to linger in temptation too long since few stores were open, and I was also able to take some fun outdoor photos of shops that were closed but still had some stuff out on their lawn. Pretty awesome that people here are that trusting because (most) people here are that trustworthy!

The Shop Around the Corner might be my favorite local shop


Wandered onto the lawn of another shop and discovered this beautiful bench

I love Downtown Franklin because it’s a great balance of legit old and tastefully new. The City does a great job of preserving old architecture and landmarks, yet also allowing them to be used in a relevant way.


I actually did have some shopping to do so I stopped at White’s Mercantile which is (in my opinion) the best place to find Southern and local gifts. And… it’s open Sundays!IMG_9551IMG_9548IMG_9562

Since I picked up my camera a couple weeks ago, I literally feel like a new person. Learning this new skill has been so refreshing and exciting: it’s like I’m on a treasure hunt with my camera and God is constantly surprising me with beauty, light, and love.IMG_9554

So grateful I got to see Downtown Franklin in a new way! But the best part was wrapping up this sweet day in my own little piece of Franklin.


❤ amanda mae


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