Girl Dad

I’ve always thought my dad would make a great boy dad. He was athletic, disciplined, responsible, hard-working, and clearly the leader of our family.

But he was also a fantastic chef and his “kalandrakas” soup is famous within our family and family friends – a treat EVERYONE looks forward to at Christmastime. He was very creative, innovative, and an awesome dancer who taught me a lot of what I know!


He didn’t get a boy, he got me (although I think I kinda look like a little boy in some pictures). I remember once he surprised me with a pair of Reebok Pumps when I was maybe five or six, but I was hesitant to wear them because they were clearly boy shoes – so he fixed that by coloring in the little basketballs with various colors so it looked more like a rainbow.

Why were we all so serious in the 80s? LOL
For reference only. These are NOT my chubby legs! LOL

He also loved music and taught me songs from the time I was two (Click here for a two year old’s rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”). He brought home Golden Books almost everyday and taught me how to read; I still remember when I was asked to draw a picture as part of the interview process for Kindergarten at the Catholic K-8 school I attended; I drew myself, some kids and balloons along with a banner above that clearly spelled “WELCOME”. I could read well before day one of school.

I am definitely my father’s daughter. Through Him God gave me a love for family, music, dancing, sports, photography and calligraphy (Although to his dismay I don’t think I’ll ever be able to master or match up to his abilities on that one, just appreciate it!). He taught me to smile and be kind to the people who would usually go unnoticed and to be excellent in all that I put my hand to. I am who I am because Dadong loved me, and he was – and is – the perfect girl dad.20110831_amandasteelewed4141-1458098148-O

Love you, Dadong!

❤ amanda mae





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