The Rivers Family

The weather in Franklin, TN is one of the biggest adjustments I’ve had to make living in the South. I thought Indiana had weird weather but the Greater Nashville area is something else!

The Rivers family and I went back and forth between “go” and “no go” at least 47 times as the weekend approached. Okay that’s a little exaggeration, but even when I arrived to scope out the situation at Grandma and Grandpa’s beautiful College Grove property, my friend Charlee texted “Oh no it’s raining!” I reassured her that our location was still dry even though it was only 15 minutes southeast of where her house was and begged the Lord to have mercy and hold off the rain…

AND HE DID! The gray skies provided a beautiful backdrop for the Rivers’ sunshiny faces. The crew arrived and we hit the ground running since we only had about an hour to capture some photos before the storm clouds got too dark or worse, before it started pouring.

Jake is a natural; he loved being in front of the camera!
Can’t get over this smile and these eyes!
The sun even came out a little bit – at least enough to make Jake and Dad squint!
These two little ones are fearless, exploring Grandma and Grandpa’s beautiful property!
Abby wasn’t as fond of the posed photos. LOL
But she loved to play!
A boy and his mama… So much love!  
Charlee + Matt may as well be college sweethearts. So cute!
Thankful for a beautiful summer day with the Rivers family. God bless y’all!

❤ amanda mae


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