Gatlinburg and Ruby

The Smokies quickly won my heart over the first time I experienced them a few years ago when a bunch of girlfriends and I were celebrating our friend Jesi’s 30th birthday. We rented a beautiful cabin in the mountains and I’ve been dying to take Nick ever since! Five and a half years into living in Tennessee, […]

Downtown Franklin

Before Nick and I moved to Nashville five years ago I had never even heard of Franklin, TN. But since we’ve lived here it has gotten pretty hyped up – according to, Franklin is #15 on the “2017 Top 100 Best Places to Live” (in the US). Not bad for a small landlocked town in […]


I finally shot my first human, Corinne, who happens to be a wonderful friend of mine. (Okay wait, that sounds terrible. I mean I photographed a human – obviously!) We were fellow “Whos” in a magical production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! this past December and she has become so dear to my heart. Over the […]

An “A” Day

Lately I’ve been desperate for the beach, but Radnor Lake is the closest body of water to where we live and I thought it might satisfy my craving. I decided to take my camera on a field trip yesterday hoping to capture some epic shots; well, definitely no beach and no epic shots, but I certainly […]

Learning to play the violin

Given the unexpected amount of margin on my hands lately, I’ve been relentlessly researching creativity, vocation, and calling through reading books, listening to podcasts, and most recently, paying a career counselor nearly $1000 to tell me what I already knew deep down (However I will say, it was empowering that an expert who doesn’t really know me […]

Trusting the process

  Recently I decided I’m retiring from professionally singing and acting because it has become increasingly clear that that chapter is over (at least for now). The last straw was actually pretty hilarious: my friend Amy sent me an email about a casting notice for an Asian actor, 20-40, for a paid role in an upcoming production. This […]

Keeping the Main Thing

Imagine you’re a three-year-old girl and your dad tells you your favorite bedtime story every night, Cinderella – the Disney version. (Have you read the actual Brothers Grimm version?! It’s good in it’s own way but contains a few very graphic differences! If you want to have nightmares, here’s the link to the original Cinderella story. You’re welcome.) We can all agree on […]