Vlog2Blog Week 1 Recap: Meeting the Girl in the Vlog

I had great plans to sit down this weekend and really take some time to think about how the vlog went last week but you know how it goes – you get distracted, other projects take a lot longer than you anticipated because of unforeseen circumstances (but the pillow covers that took four hours to make […]

April Adventure: #Vlog2Blog

Saturday morning Nick and I decided to make these delicious little ham and egg cups from a video he saw on Facebook. Super easy and I’d highly recommend it! As we were munching on these delectable little goodies, Nick said he had another video type idea for my blog. He’s a lot more “hip” when it […]

The struggle with going Facebook-free

It has been nearly two months since I deactivated from Facebook. It wasn’t a Lent thing nor was it necessarily by choice. I say and believe this with all seriousness – the Spirit moved me to do it. I know this because the other times I’ve deactivated out of my own free will I couldn’t wait to […]

Three small words

There, I said it. Three small words strung together in the English language that our culture would deem the unsexiest phrase ever. It’s ok if it makes you uncomfortable because I agree – it’s awkward. I don’t know anyone who would outrightly tell someone who is considering giving up, “Sure, that sounds like a great […]

Enough for God

As free-spirited as I am, I do find a healthy amount of routine and ritual refreshing now that I know I’m not bound to them. I have grown to love Lent and cherish the moments of stillness, reflection, confession, and preparation over the Church’s biggest holiday… Easter! When I was younger I didn’t have much choice over whether or not I […]

Walking with a purpose

People have told me they’re surprised at how fast I walk given my short legs. I’ve also heard I have a distinct “Amanda Mae’s coming!” gait (which I’ll take as a compliment). I don’t stomp around at a quick pace everywhere I go intentionally – I just always feel a strong sense of urgency and purpose whether I’m […]

Mercy Grace: The story behind the name

My apologies to any moms who might be offended that I named my car a human name; I actually wanted to call her “Night Fury” after three laborious hours ironing out someone else’s mistake that ended up costing us an additional $1000 and leaving the dealership at 10 p.m. However, “Night Fury” just didn’t seem fitting with her white […]